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Homestuck FanTrolls :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 1 0 Drake and Rouge :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Magic Patrolers :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 1 1 Pattern Brothers :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Hetalia And Gravity Falls :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Mlp Friends :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 MLP Liam and Ty :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 1 0 Best Friends :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Prusscat :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 1 2 Love For The Moon :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Ty :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 3 0 japan X fem! ireland :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Arthur X Nico (mlp) :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 True Friends from around the World (mlp) :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Ohshc Kane :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0 Luffy and Christin :iconjapanaph90:japanaph90 0 0


Little One | Daddy!Shizuo x Mommy!Reader
    People who didn’t know him well would’ve never imagined that he would want a family. He normally stuck close to himself, never really opening up unless he was around close friends or his beloved brother. For a long time, even you didn’t believe he had any interest in having a family.
    It seemed like only days ago when you had first met him and when you did, you had no idea that he was actually one of the most feared men in Ikebukuro. In a busy such as that, no one really bothered to stop and apologize when they bumped into someone. Everyone except for him. At first, he turned on you with an angered look on his face but as soon as he saw you, his face softened and he mumbled a quick apology before stalking off again.
    That was the first time you saw him but certainly not the last. Only a few days afterward, you became the victim of a robbery. While walking down
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 45 11
Mephisto x Wife!Reader Hickey?!
*Will contain mention of sexual act, and a little violence, nothing to bad*
(Y/N)’s pov:
I felt something smooth just hair around my waist, it was an oddly familiar feeling, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, well that was until I remembered that my dear husband came home late last night.
I slowly opened my eyes to see a bare chest that I knew all too well, I looked down and saw the dark purple tail that I just love to play with to tease him, I carefully unwrapped the fluffy thing from me before slowly crawling out of bed, I quietly walked to be door, well not before taking yet another one of Mephistos kimono.
I walked down stairs while loosely pulling the kimono on and tied it as I walked into the kitchen and started to cook breakfast.
Mephisto’s pov:
I woke up to that irritating sound of the alarm, I quickly turned it off, not wanting to hear the constant beeping, I laid back down and reacted over to take (Y/N) into my arms but the only
:iconshelia12300:Shelia12300 6 0
Mature content
Law x reader: From reality to Ahh~ *Lemon* :icondarkodama:Darkodama 52 14
OHSHC Hosts X Male!Reader Chapter 5
It took some time for everyone to get over the ‘(name)-being-possessed’ incident, but after a few days, things finally fell back into their normal happenings. Well, that is if you count the side effects from the (h/c) host’s cleansing as normal.
The first signs of these side effects came when (name) woke up, coughing from what he thought to be a dry throat from sleep. At first, he thought everything was fine as his throat felt better after breakfast, but when he went to pick Haruhi up…
“Haruhi! 早上好!”
The brunette stared at him in mix of surprise and confusion, her expression matching his as his own eyes had widened at what had just spouted from his mouth.
“(name)…are you okay?”
“W-What? Oh! I guess so…but what the heck just happened?”
The two stared at each other for a few moments, trying to piece together what had just happened.
“(name), did you just speak Cantonese?”
“Now th
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 64 8
OHSHC Hosts X Male!Reader Chap. 4
The next morning, Haruhi got up, did her usual morning chores, and prepared herself for another day of school. As she left her apartment, she spotted (name) waiting for her, a routine that has become common as the days passed. However, she noticed that the said host was still wearing the same cloak from the day before.
“Ohayo (name).”
“Ohayo Haruhi. Let’s get going.”
The two set off, chatting amiably as they approached the bus stop. The bus came within minutes, and for the first few minutes of the journey, everything seemed normal, people from all walks of life heading off to school, work, or whatever business they needed to do.
However, as the bus travelled downtown, Haruhi spotted something from the window. What appeared like a bank heist had just taken place, and several masked men were seen running towards their getaway car with sacks of money.
“(name)! Look!”
The (h/c) host turned to the window, in time to see the getaway car rev up and sp
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 62 10
OHSHC Hosts X Male!Reader Chapter 3
A mere month after (name) had enrolled himself into Ouran, things had finally settled down. He had adjusted to the workload, tried his best to assimilate into the student population, and most of all, made a name for himself as a member of the host club.
But of course, his time at Ouran would not be complete with one or two peculiarities that happen almost everyday.
(name) can now be seen walking down an empty hallway in one of the academy’s many buildings, killing time before he was due at the host club. He paused to look out of a window, overlooking other buildings and ornate gardens. A flock of birds flew past the window, allowing (name) to sigh at the tranquility.
However, that tranquility was quickly broken when the (h/c) host felt a dark aura swirl through the hallway, followed by creepy chuckling. Unfazed, he turned to the source, a hooded figure peeking out from behind a suit of armor.
“Good afternoon (name)....”
“Good afternoon, who might you be?”
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 74 4
OHSHC Hosts X Male!Reader Chap. 1
Putting his hand on the doorknob, the boy turned it, and opened the heavy doors with a resounding sound. No sooner had he done that, a shower of rose petals and sparkles flew around him.
‘What the-‘
---Scene change---
The boy brushed off the petals, and stared forward at the group in front of him. His eyes widened, not expecting that there was anyone else in the room. Silence reined over the room for the next few seconds, to the point that a pin would have been heard falling, if there was one to begin with.
“Um...who are you lot?” asked the boy, breaking the silence.
“Oh wow, it’s a boy.” one of...a pair of twins said.
“Hey I know you, you’re in my class.” a shorter brunette noted.
“Wow Takashi! It’s not everyday we get a male guest!”
As the people in front of him started chattering amongst themselves, the (h/c) boy stared at them as if they were a
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 154 31
Nanbaka Seven Minutes in Heaven - Intro
     “I need you all to ensure all the doors are locked and all the prisoners are well secured. We can't afford to take any more chances. This is already a dangerous idea.” Standing with her arms crossed, the Warden continued to issue commands to the guards. For reasons no one quite understood, she had gathered all the prisoners and guards from all the buildings into a single room. While this alone wasn't terribly strange, her reasoning behind this was.
“Everything is as it should be ma'am. Guards are stationed at all the exits and all alarms are on. All prisoners are triple cuffed as well. Every safety precaution available has been taken.” Stepping in front of the Warden, Hajime continued. “I assure you that no one can enter or leave this room without me knowing it.”
“Go-.” Quickly clearing her throat to hide the crack in her voice, the Warden nodded. “Good, then let's continue. I want to do this with as much haste a
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 27 3
Mephisto x Wife!Reader My darling
“Shima! get out of the way!”
Shima was blasted across the courtyard by a huge dog-like creature, with a skull like face and flames coming from its mouth.
“Well this should be interesting” Mephisto said sitting in a chair above the humans fighting below while sipping tea.
“Perhaps” a voice said in the tree that has beside him” I am quite interested in how they will defeat this enemy”
“Shiemi, try to get it to slow down!” Yukio yelled while shooting at the beast, who seems to not feel the bullets or even knowledge the exorcist teacher who were trying to get its attention.
“Nee trap it!” Shiemi called to her familiar.
The little Greenman made giant vines come out of the ground and wrap around the legs of the creature, stopping it in its track towards Shima.
“Rin attack, NOW!” Yukio yelled at hi
:iconshelia12300:Shelia12300 10 15
Mature content
Addiction || Dominant!Law x Reader | Lemon :iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 43 9
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 7 PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 44 63
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 6 PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 57 64
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 5 PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 65 74
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 4 PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 57 41
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 3PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 65 54
Mature content
CAPTOR FAMILY ISSUES!!!! 2 PSIIONIICX READER :iconcinderofhell:cinderofhell 72 18


Homestuck FanTrolls
Heaven crystal is an ancestor, Marcus is an alpha troll and Logain is a beta troll and this is a new picture. The first picture I did was with trolls named Marcus and Nitro
Drake and Rouge
Drake is the human name of my mlp oc Color VampHeart.
Magic Patrolers
Foals of two pairings of my ocs. The void foals are from unicorn Ronno and pegasus Aero. Color VampHeart is the foal of pegasus Color Wave and unicorn Spike Heart.


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