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Restrictions [kagami taiga x pregnant!reader]
"[Name]! Don't touch that!" Kagami yelled as he saw you picking up the pieces of glass you dropped. He quickly grabbed your arm, pulling you away from the mess. 
"Taiga, you're over reacting again." You frowned as he pushed you inside the bathroom.
"Am not!" He closed the door on you. "Just take a bath, okay?"
Sighing, you took off your clothes, placing them in the laundry basket. Being eight and a half month pregnant, you were due anytime soon. Kagami has gotten into over protection mode, worried something might happen to you and his baby girl. 
You stepped inside the tub, shivering once you felt the lukewarm water. After you finished your bath, you saw Kagami shoving everything sharp or things that might cut you inside an drawer. 
"Taiga, just what the hell are you doing?" You asked.
He sheepishly grinned and ruffled his hair. "Making sure you don't get hurt?"
You walked towards him and gently cupped his face. "Look, I know you're worried about me and our baby but it's
:iconbakabaek:bakabaek 421 39
make it | husband!aomine daiki
//husband!aomine daiki x pregnant!reader
It had been a long, unrelenting day, where both you and your husband had been continuously showered in work, files to fill in, bills to pay off, leaving next to no space to get some fresh air. It goes without saying you were beyond elated when you both simultaneously plopped down on the sofa, settled down in the usual position of you sitting between your husband's legs, simply inhaling the peace around you. 
''I swear to God, I'm quitting this job if it continues like this,'' Aomine grumbled to himself, his hands subconsciously massaging your sides with sweet and slow strokes. That was one of the few things that helped qualm the subtle stinging in your stomach, where another human being roamed around.
You let out a tired laugh and leaned your head back on your lover's chest, ''Pull through, Daiki. Once the baby's born, you can take some time off.''
''Yeah, but I'll be practically dead by the time they're born,'' Aomine brie
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 205 60
Summer Heat (Levi X Reader)
Warnings: Language?? C'mon. Levi here.
It was a hot summer. Really hot. Boiling. Whatever word you wanted to use. In fact, hell hath no heat compared to this day. Everyone was slow and cranky, especially a certain short Corporal. He shouted and screamed at everyone, the heat only making him crankier. He forced everyone to do laps over and over, it was complete madness. But the slower people went, the more he enforced his laws.
You were on the edge of passing out when the short tempered shorty finally told everyone to stop. Hanji had just came out of the air conditioning building. She seemed rather amused and sympathetic with all the poor cadets who were on the verge of turning into a puddles. “Okay everyone! Take a break and go swimming!” She pointed over to the lake that everyone had stopped at.
Levi shot Hanji a glare. “Oi, don’t tell my cadets what to do,” He snapped peevishly.
Hanji shoved Levi who growled in protest. “Calm down, Mr. Upt
:iconshingekinolevifanfic:shingekinolevifanfic 55 11
Bed Head. Takao x Reader.
Every morning you had a routine.
Your alarm goes off at 7:05 which you would promptly shut off and sleep for another twenty minutes. You then force your brain to begin function as you drag yourself out of bed and head to the bathroom for your personal hygiene routine. After that you get dressed and head to your kitchen for a quick breakfast before heading out the door at 7:52 like clockwork.
Yet today none of those things have happened.
No alarm has gone off.
No sleepy feet have shuffled to the bathroom.
No outfit has been hurriedly put on.
And definitely no one has left the house.
Rather, you find yourself still in bed, still happily dreaming, your warm comforter tucked around you and an arm around your waist in the same fashion. Today your routine is completely ruined thanks to one person and you aren't even awake to know it yet..
Hours later, you are brought to consciousness by the combination of sunlight hitting your face, birds chirping outside your window, and rustling next to yo
:iconceader43:Ceader43 126 9
Like The Father - Midorima x Reader
“Takao, I’m feeling a bit tired with this daily routine of mine. Nothing exciting ever happens. What should I do?” you whispered as quietly as possible, making sure your husband wouldn’t hear you.
“Hm… Seduce him?”
“Oh, oh! I know!”
“Takao, you’re too loud,” you whispered harshly into the phone.
“(Name), what are you doing over there?” You froze at that voice.
“Nothing, sweetie~!” you sang nervously as you shooed him off to bed again. Even in the darkness, you could see him raise a brow.
“(Name), what’s wrong?”
“Takao, this is not the time for this. This is all your fault!” you whispered hurriedly and barely finished before your phone was yanked out of your hands. “Ah! My phone! My beautiful phone! I paid a lot for that, you know!”
“Hello, who is this?”
“Shin-chan?” You glanced at
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 334 52
Like The Father - Takao x Reader
“(Name)-chan~! (Name)-chan~!” an annoyingly loud voice sang. You swatted in the direction of the voice, just wanting to sleep. After a while, you placed your arm back under the covers, returning to your dreams. However, a certain person didn’t like that.
Poke. Poke.
Your finger twitched slightly.
“Momma~!” You growled softly as you turned onto your other side. You readjusted your head on the pillow, hoping to finally get back to sleep.
“Oi, shut up, Bakao!” you shouted loudly as you grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at your husband.
“Ah! Momma’s getting violent~!” your daughter sang as your son began to laugh aloud. You threw a glare their way, annoyed with their playful behavior so early in the morning.
“You too, Takai, Chia!”
“Yes, ma'am~!” they chorused, giggling as they quickly made their way out of the room.
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 256 32
|Baby no Basuke| Taiga x Reader
Taiga had more than enough reason to drag himself back home twice as fast as usual. Despite being drenched in sweat, exhausted from practice and mentally dead, he had no time to waste. So he was quick running back home, the sprint to his apartment feeling like it took twice as long as usual, but he wouldn't give up.
He couldn't give up on you.
'Just a little farther.' He encouraged himself, turning the corner and locking in on the apartment building. Lived a floor above his father, in order to help take care of him and let him spend time with his grandson who was fresh out the hospital. A precious four month old, born six weeks early and spending a lot of time in the ICU.
It took them a good two months before they got to hold Tetsuji, and Taiga didn't want to miss a second of it. Especially not with the situation you were currently in. Taiga swung the door of the complex open and hurried past reception.
"Good evening, Mr. Kagami."
"Yeah." He rushed to the elevator, earning
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 291 24
|Baby no Basuke| Midorima x Reader
“(Name)?” Shintarou called your name, his voice mildly puzzled instead of his usual deadbeat tone. “I can’t find my tape.”
“Have you looked around the bedroom?” You called back from your spot in the living area, watching a mini-Midorima playing on the floor from the safety of your couch. “I’m sure it’s there if you look hard enough.”
“That’s the other problem.” You heard his footsteps as he thumped down the hall, looking at you with a perplexed expression, “I can’t find my glasses, either.”
“You lost your glasses?”
“My lucky item, as well.” Shintarou looked positively baffled by the fact, his eyes bleary and unfocused as he tried to solve the mystery. You glanced around the room in search of the mysteriously disappeared belongings.
“That’s no good. Since when do you lose all the things you need for a game? And forty-five minutes before, too.” Y
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 283 22
|Baby no Basuke| Akashi x Reader
It wasn’t too often you got to spend some quality time with your lady friends, what with being married to the Akashi Seijuro, and all. On top of that, you now had a newborn to look after, so these kinds of outings with them were few and far between.
Luckily you got the opportunity to chat with Momoi and Riko, and just happened to be chatting about the very topic that kept you from your friends; the babies.
“It’s the most infuriating thing, believe me.” Momoi sighed, looking forlornly at her coffee. “One minute you’re asleep, peaceful and calm for the first time in weeks, and the next you’re up and feeding the baby! It happens every other hour...I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted in my entire life.”
“Tell me about it.” Riko agreed with her (for once), happy to down another shot of espresso. “Junpei and I take turns trying to take care of the baby but it just doesn’t work out.”
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 374 57
Akashi x Reader: Scissors
“You lost” I said to him, with a smirk on my face.
“I did it on purpose.”
“No you did not, just admit defeat.” I stared at him, locking my gaze on his. My, his eyes are so intimidating, it makes me feel uneasy.
“I didn’t take this game seriously.”
“You did, I can feel it.” I retorted back.
“Well, what you’re feeling is wrong.” He replied flatly, standing up, he began to put away the shogi board.
“Then, let’s play another round, if I win, you’ll admit defeat.” I said, determination on my face.
“And if I win?” he asked. I thought for a while.
“I-I’ll let you do anything you w-want… but no perverted things!” I stuttered, a blush coming its way on my face.
And thus, another round of shogi began.
Guess who won?
Him of course. I shouldn’t have challenged him and now I’m bound with the consequence
:iconkahllie:kahllie 338 30
Sleeping - Kise Ryouta x READER
You were on your way home from work when you spotted your boyfriend up on the big screen of a building,
“New men’s perfume by Kise Ryouta,” you slightly smiled.
Even though it was the same commercial over and over again that you see on your way home, you couldn’t help but feel proud. That was your boyfriend up on the screen. How many people can say that your boyfriend is a well-known model internationally? Not a lot.
You arrived at the apartment with all of the lights off. Checking the clock, you saw that it was 2 am already.
“Ah. He’s already asleep,” you whispered to yourself.
You always worked late, but this was the first that you passed 12 am. You put your bag on the couch and went straight to the room. There, lay Kise Ryouta sleeping soundly. As usual, he was taking up your half of the bed.
You undressed yourself and put your pajamas on. Before getting on the bed, you crouched down in front of him and smiled. You tapped his nose lig
:iconxsweetestluck:xSweetestLuck 519 75
Tap That : Law x Reader
Tap That : Law x Reader
Sidenote : This is PG-13+
Pat pat
Pat pat
Pat pat
You jumped a little in surprise, startled. “What?” You asked. Law frowned at you and clicked his tongue. “Do you mind?” He asked, gesturing to you and your hands. You tilted your head in confusion. “I’m just giving you a massage, Law,” you said. He sighed again. “I hardly call simply rubbing my ass a massage, (Name)-ya.”
You smiled sheepishly at him and scratched the back of your head. “More like tapping,” you said, unable to come up with anything else to say. You were a deer in the headlights right now. Law was lying on his stomach, sleeping (very peacefully, mind you) until he felt the tapping which woke him up. At first he ignored it, but as time went on he noticed that you were playing with his buttocks like… like DRUMS.
Law frowned. “W
:iconms-hana:Ms-Hana 39 23
Privacy (Songfic, AU) : Sabo x fem!Reader
Privacy (Songfic, AU) : Sabo x fem!Reader
Note : Song is called Privacy by Chris Brown, I recommend listening to it while reading this. Also, definitely PG-13+.
I need your body in ways
That you don't understand, but I'm losing my patience
'Cause we've been going over and over again
Girl, I just wanna take you home and get right to it

Sabo wasn’t the type of guy that went to clubs often. It’s not like he didn’t like them, he just preferred going only once in a while. He had a lot of work anyways, as Chief of Staff for Revolutionary Inc. When he did go to clubs, it was his brothers who dragged him along away from work or if he felt like celebrating after an arduous task. Today, Sabo had been dragged by Ace, Luffy, and all their friends away from work. When he had been tired of dancing, he went to get a drink. He was sitting at the bar when he looked into the crowd, out at the drunken haze. He saw Ace twerk and gyrate on a girl, as the crowd whooped and cheered
:iconms-hana:Ms-Hana 15 13
Mature content
Reader x Erwin - Lemon!An Encounter in the Shower :iconmythiica:Mythiica 59 44
Kids P3 (Levi x reader | Modern AU!)
Warning: Cursing
(y/n) was walking out of the University, carrying Levi with one arm while he was hugging her neck and playing with her hair. They were heading to the car park where hers and Levi's shared car was parked in.
"Are we going home?" Levi asked her
"Yes, we are. But first we need to go to the mall and buy you some clothes" She said smiling and pecking his little nose.
When they arrived at their car, (y/n) slipped her free hand inside of her jacket pocket and picked up her copy of the car keys. Every morning Levi was the one who drove to College and in the evenings (y/n) drove them back home.
Then she unlocked the car and opened the backseat door and placed Levi on the seat and proceeded to put him the seatbelt on. When she finished, (y/n) opened the driver's door, got inside and put the seatbelt on. She started the car and then she drove to the mall.
Once there, she parked the car on the mall park car.
"Okay, baby. We are at the mall." She said while putting the seatb
:iconvenulus:Venulus 61 50
Kids P2 (Levi x reader | Modern AU!)
“Come with me, we’ll go to my office so you can play there, okay?” He then picked up both of them and went to his office. Once there he put the children on his couch and proceeded to call her assistant on the phone over his desk.
“Yes, sir. What do you need?”
“Rico, could you please bring two sandwiches and two cups of chocolate milk -with a straw on each one- to my office, please?”
“Right away, sir.”
After a little while, Rico came in with said items on a tray and set it on Erwin’s desk.
“Who are they?”
“They are-”
“Wait. Are those Levi and Hanji?” She interrupted him.
“Yes, they are.” Erwin sighed
“What happened?” She asked raising an eyebrow.
“We don’t know yet.”
“(y/n) found them like this in the Lab.”
“Hm…It must be one of Hanji’s experiments. Do you want me to call Mike and ask him if he knows any
:iconvenulus:Venulus 64 23


Homestuck FanTrolls
Heaven crystal is an ancestor, Marcus is an alpha troll and Logain is a beta troll and this is a new picture. The first picture I did was with trolls named Marcus and Nitro


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